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Ringo Lid - One Size

Ringo Lid - One Size

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Standalone Ringo lid, fits all size Ringo bottles
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The Ringo lid works natively with all sizes of Ringo bottles and is compatible with MagSafe iPhones and cases.

MagSafe technology is built-in to every iPhone 12 (launched in 2020) and above, so you don't need anything other than your phone to enjoy Ringo™.

*If you don't have a MagSafe compatible phone or case, we developed a Magnetic Booster Ring that makes Ringo™ compatible with any device - including older iPhones, non-Apple phones, and even tablets like the iPad 12.9"!


Ringo's bottle is dishwasher safe, but the lid should be washed by hand.


We worked with a well-known laptop hinge manufacturer to design our lid's 90-degree hinge, so we could land on the perfect resistance and strength, to make sure you can effortlessly fine-tune your device's angle while ensuring it doesn't move once your angle is set.


Is Ringo's lid compatible with other thermoses?

No. There are so many different types of lids and bottle shapes/sizes out there - if we applied our design to fit other bottles, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that it would work when the bottle is empty, or that you’d be able to get a full 90-degree range of motion from the hinge. It’s something we’re looking to tackle - but we wanted to bring the full experience to everyone first by designing our own bottle that we are certain will work perfectly every time. If you want to get notified when this becomes available - please sign up for our newsletter at!

Is Ringo's lid compatible with all devices?

Yes, Ringo is compatible with ALL devices. We developed a Magnetic Booster Ring that you can attach to your device to make it magnetic. It's extremely strong & resilient and won't fall off. It's even strong enough to hold large tablets like the iPad 12.9"!

Whether or not you need a Magnetic Booster Ring depends on your device and/or if it has a MagSafe-compatible case.

Check out this chart to determine if you need one.

The Magnetic Booster Ring is not included with standalone lid purchases, so you should add one to your order if you need one.

Is the Magnetic Booster Ring included?

Not with the standalone lid purchase. Only with full bottle purchase.

Is Ringo's lid dishwasher safe?

To keep your Ringo lid in the best shape, we highly recommend hand-washing it. It's only one piece - unlike other bottles that have multiple components that need to be separated for proper cleaning.